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   We aim to keep update of the explanations of the common orthopaedic problems relating to the bone and joints of the human body. As in any other scientific field, the orthopaedic science is a dynamic branch of the medical science and understanding of the disease and management plans are ever changing aspects of orthopaedics.

Welcome to the boneandjointproblems.com. Do you feel that although your doctor has explained your problems relating to the bone and joints during you appointment, you find it difficult to understand and would like it to be explained in simpler terms? Do you like it to be explained in simple 'English'? The purpose of this website is to explain complex medical explanations in as simple terms wit simple animations as possible.

The website purpose is ONLY to explain common orthopaedic problems for people who find it difficult to understand complex orthopaedic problems with clear pictures, animations and in simple terms.

The website does not advice for the medical treatment or surgical procedures in any context nor does it provides consultation or suggestion for any ailments. We advice for the patients to follow your doctor or consultant advice or suggestion for the treatment of your problems.


The website does NOT favour any specific management. We aim to provide information based on the latest evidences available and update the information as soon as possible.

If you would like to have an explanation in simpler terms for a specific condition or any general explanation related to orthopaedics, please contact us with your queries and we aim to respond with suitable explanation and animations as well as update the web site with your explanation as soon as possible.
This site is dedicated for patients, medical students, nursing staff, physiotherapists, allied medical staff and anybody seeking explanation related to bone and joint problems.
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